Event Schedules

There are several activities available in the island.  The most important event is "CITO (Cache In Trash Out) Program", in which you are seeking Geocaches and collecting litters on the way. (what is CITO? View this movie by clicking.)

The event will be begun at 13:00 at a point in Shikinejima Islands. on 10th of November.

After your arrival, the instructions will be given with other materials such as litter bags, a map, etc.

The below table shows other events before and after the main event.

Except the main event, you can choose to attend or not-attend each event.


Date/Time Event Places Remarks

Nov. 9 (Friday)






Hiding caches for the main event



Starting from the Chamber's building, just beside the "event" site.

If you want to participate these part of events, you need to arrive at Shikinejima Island in previous day.

Ferry Schedule is here.


Previous Night Reception Party (Communicating with local people to learn more about the islands) A lodge's dinner

Nov.10 (Saturday)





Visiting Natural Hot-Springs (the islands has some natural hot springs)

Hot springs at sea shores




The Main Event; CITO (Cache In Trash Out)

Sougou Kaihatsu Center

You must attend!



Night Reception Party  (Communicating with all of participants and local people)

At the Japanese-style Pub Izakaya "Sen-ryou"  http://www10.ocn.ne.jp/~shikikyo/shop/senryo/index.html  


Nov.11 (Sunday)



Geocaching (to find all caches in the island!)

Sougou Kaihatsu Center

Participate if you are a geocacher!

  After the event


If you stay tonight, you can enjoy Shikinejima Island's hot-springs or Diving school.


Hot springs or diving spots at sea shores



Embark on the speed ferry to Tokyo Bay

Starting from Shikinejima Port



Arrive at Tokyo Bay (Takeshiba Sambashi)



These events are subject to change, so please update your information when you arrive.

Contact e-mail: miyoshi1970@hotmail.com

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