This page is serving as an information site for Geocaching and other related activities

 in Shikinejima Island (including Niijima Island), Tokyo.

Come to the treasure island of geocaching!     

News and Updates

The CITO Event on 10th Nov.

In 2012: A total of 27 Treasure Caches are waiting for you in Shikine-jima island.

On Nov. 2011: Facebook page of the  Event (on 19th of Nov.) is published. Who will attend?

On Oct. 2011: Daily Plan of the  Event (on 19th of Nov.) is published.Here is the page.

On Oct. 2011: The Next Event is published by Here is the page.

On Jun. 2011: The Next CITO (4th) event will be held on 19th of Nov. (Saturday). Please join!

On Dec. 2010. : You can enjoy geocaching anytime!

On Nov. 2010: the CITO and ARG event was successfully conducted!!

On Nov. 2010: The Next CITO event is harmonized with ARG (Alternative Reality Game). Broadcasted here!!

On Oct. 2010: The Next Event (CITO) will be held on 13th of Nov. in the island. You can get an original Geo-coin by attending this event. Information is available here!

On Sept.2010 : CITO was held on the top of Fuji Mountain!! Click here!

On June 2010: CITO is a world-wide movement. The web-master (Miyoshi) organized the first CITO event in Zambia. Movie is here.

On May 2010: There will be a huge event of ARG (Alternative Reality Game) in Shikinejima Island in October, 2010. The game involves Geocaching as a key event.

On Feb 2010: Now there is a discounted ticket to go to Shikinejima by Tokai Kisen Ship. You check here!

On 11-Nov.: Now the island is ready to welcome you to enjoy geocaching anytime with 20 caches. (GPS rental service)

On 1-Nov.: The event's movie is uploaded to YouTube!

On 31-Oct.: The Second CITO event (31st of October) was successfully implemented! Please click here.

On 30-Oct.: Event GPS Data is now available! Click this.

On 20-Oct.: Zenrin Co. ltd., a Japanese mapping company supports the event by providing PSP with GPS & Software

On 06-Oct.: The Second CITO event (31st of October) is now published in the! Please click here.

On 24-Sep.: Currently there are plenty of the Geocaches in this island. If you want to do it but without GPS, you can rent GPS from AGENSI. Please contact AGENSI for details.

On 13-Sep.: The Main CITO event was successfully completed with a lot of children!! (Report, Pictures&Movie )

On 12-Sep.: Due to heavy rain, the CITO event is replaced by other events. Please check the schedule. 

On 11-Sep.: New 20 treasures (including 8 genuine geocaches) hidden for the event.

On 29-Aug.: A graphical map & GPS info. (track & img file) uploaded 

On 21-Aug.: the CITO event is published by

On 17-Aug.: This site is opened!

The Second CITO event in Shikinejima Island (2009/10/31)

The First CITO Event' in Shikinejima Island (2009/09/12)


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