I n t r o d u c t i o n


    We , Association for Geo-Events of Niijima Shikinejima Island (AGENSI, pronounced like as "agency"), welcome you to visit this web-site.


    This web-site introduces you how to enjoy Geocaching activities in Shikinejima (including Niijima) Islands, Tokyo, Japan.


    Geocaching is a non-virtual (i.e. real) treasure hunting game with GPS (Global Pointing System), which is now played by a hundred thousands (1000,000) people all over the world.


    (If you want to know more about Geocaching, please visit www.geocaching.com )


    The Islands hosted three CITO (Cache In Trash Out) events in which people are searching for the treasures (named "caches") and litters (named "trashes") for cleaning the islands in 2009/2010.


    It is one of the  rarest events in Japan, since this events were "officially" supported by  the Society of Commerce and Industry of Niijima-Shikinejima Islands.   AGENSI is established as a part of the Society.  Therefore, all participants (some of them are "geocachers") can seek and hide the caches officially in the islands. 



     Now the islands hosts 20+ geocaches (treasures) all around the islands.  Everyone can enjoy geocaching, even without GPS.


So, if you like either


        Blue Ocean,

            Natural Environment,

                Human Communication,

                    Drinks of "Sake", etc,

this island is the one you must come !


See you soon!



Katsuhiro Shimoi (Mr.)

Takahiro Miyoshi (Mr.)

AGENSI (Association for Geo-Events in Niijima-Shikinejima Islands)

affiliated with  the Society of Commerce and Industry of Niijima-Shikinejima Islands


(The Islands have several geo-caches so even you can go there to start now! Click this for the map.)


Contact e-mail: miyoshi1970@hotmail.com

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