How to Start!?


How to start geocaching in the island ?

・If you have a GPS, you can just start by your self!

  (If you need any help such as travel info., accommodation, etc., please contact AGENSI (click to "Contacts")

・If you do not have GPS, please contact to AGENSI for borrowing GPS. (click to "Contacts")


Who can participate?

・ Everyone who is interested in either "Geocaching", "Treasure Hunting", "Natural Islands", "Oceans", "Hot Springs", "Human/Culture", or all!

・ Everyone who can manage own activities to enjoy her/himself. (please read a note.)

・ If the person is under 18, please accompany with supervisors such as parents, teachers, etc.


What should I bring?


・Geocaching Membership and Knowledge (You can register with Geocaching free!)

・Stuff you bring when you go for a light hiking (e.g. mosquito spray, running shoes, etc.)



・ It's totally "free" for participating in each event.

・ However, you need to manage yourself for your transport, lodging, etc.


(Note) AGENSI staff and Island's people will make utmost efforts to bring the best environment for the participants to enjoy their stay,

but they are all volunteers and it's totally up to the participants who should manage own activities to get best benefits from it.


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