How to Enjoy?

If you have a GPS (Global Pointing System), you can enjoy geocaching.

(Have not? Yes, still you can! Please read about the free renting service of GPS)

1. Get a free membership of Connect to

or direct to

To get the free membership

2. Read Geocaching Coordinates Connect to the map

You find some treasure boxes where there is a treasure.

Get geographic coordinates into your GPS

Record other information including hints.

3. Find the cache point with GPS With your GPS, reach the point of coordinates

Geocache is not always set by the road side.

You need sometimes to get into off-roads.

It is recommended to rent a bicycle if you want to cache all caches.

4. Search and find the cache! When you reach to the point, you need to search and find the hidden cache.

It would be found under natural rocks, between tree branches, artificial objects.

Cache is a plastic or metal box (sometimes very small).

5. Get the treasure! If you are lucky enough to find the cache, open it.

You find something you want to get?

You can get, but please leave any other item instead.


6. Logging You write your name and date/time on "Log Book"

Pen is included in the box but better bring your pen for sure.

After writing, please hide the cache at the exactly same place.

If you find a trash, please pick it up to bring back to a proper garbage bin.

7. Register your achievements At the last, you register your findings at site.

It would be wonderful to read for others if you write your episodes and stories of your finding.

Communications and shared experiences are a real treasure.


If you do not have a GPS, you can borrow GPS.

Society of Industry and Commerce of the Niijima + Shikinejima rent a GPS for anyone who want to experience geocaching in the islands.

Prior contact and registration (including a deposit) are required, so please contact to.....


Katsuhiro Shimoi (Mr.)


Takahiro Miyoshi (Mr.)


AGENSI (Association for Geo-Events in Niijima-Shikinejima Islands)


affiliated with 

the Society of Commerce and Industry of Niijima-Shikinejima Islands


TEL:04992-5-1167 FAX:04992-5-1524




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